Home History

Chula Chic LA was founded on July 2018 shortly after a visit that Angelica made to Mexico. During that trip, Angelica was reminded of the art and beautiful leather work she observed as a child. Angelica’s family is from Guadalajara, Mexico and her parents were entrepreneurs since the 1970s. Her father owned and operated multiple leather manufacturing facilities and sold wholesale leather goods. They specialized in leather for shoes and handbags. It is there that she learned about textures, high-quality leathers, and the importance of customer service. She obtained her entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic from her father.

Angelica leverages her knowledge of leather, fashion, and culture to select the best product for her customers. Chula Chic’s unique products come from some of the best Mexican Artisans that hand makes all of their items. The intent is to connect you, our customer, to the artisans that pour their hearts into every piece of art they make.